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I am Zoey

offering guided tours through Berlin with charm, humor, knowledge and usually quite a colorful style of clothes.

I am a true born and bred Berliner in the year 1982 on the former eastside, who is showing you Berlin for almost a decade now and I love it. Berlin is one of the most, diverse, green, controversial, history-, art- and music- packed metropolitan city on this earth and I would love to also show and explain to you why that is so. I offer to guide you by foot, bicycle, car or bus. You choose and organize your form of transportation and I will guide you through Berlin. A tour in general takes about 3 hrs and you can choose from the following subjects: + Overview of Berlin (main sights + district of Prenzlauer Berg) + Berlin Wall + Third Reich + Alternative Districts/ Kieztour/ Gentrification neglected/hidden Spots + Berlin by night The general fee is 90,- Euros per 2hr and 130,- per 3hr Or 20,- Euros p.P. (with a minimum group size of 6 Pax, 3 hr tour), all incl. vat. For questions, requests or booking a tour please contact me here mail@berlinviazoey.de
One of the best guided tours I’ve ever had. The group size was perfect, the pace was just right and we got so much individual attention. Zoey was incredibly knowledgeable, very sensitive to our needs and has a lovely relaxed and had an incredibly welcoming manner about her. Couldn’t recommend her enough. I learned so much and the time just flew by! *Andrea from GB, August 2018 Zoey is the best guide ever. Berlin is Zoey’s home city, so she knows all the littlest details and can tell about how the city was changing with time. You can get an answer to any question about the history of Berlin or Germany. Zoey is really deep into this subject. This is the best tour I have ever done in Berlin so far. *Xenia from Russia, August 2018 Zoey was absolutely fantastic: she dressed the part; told great stories and was even able to keep my 12 year old son interested. In four hours, we saw more than I would have dreamed to see in 2 days. And, she gave us some really good recos for the remainder of our trip. Big kiss to Zoey! *Emmanuelle from Canada, August 2018 Zoey was a wonderful guide and her knowledge seemed inexhaustible! Zoey’s commentary, the places she took us to on the walk, and her own personal experiences made this a unique and fascinating experience. Even if you’re not into history, I’d recommend this for the insight into the lives of Germans both during and after the Wall. On top of all that Zoey was an absolute delight and this was a true highlight of Berlin 🙂 *Megan from Australia, June 2018 A truly fantastic walking tour. Zoey is a remarkable guide bringing us inside the social, political and even family life of the GDR. We, of course, get to see remains of the Wall, the ghost train station and the main remaining evidences of this epock but we also hear the story being told by a woman that has seen and lived it all from the inside. A lovely and fascinating story. *Gilles from Canada, June 2018 A great tour. Zoey is incredibly knowledgeable, having lived in East Berlin before the fall of the wall. She provided a great explanation of the political forces and events that lead to the wall’s erection and opening, the dissolution of the GDR, and life behind the wall, both in East Berlin and greater East Germany, as well as the relations between West and East Germans, particularly West and East Berliners. Zoey brought maps and pictures and took me around to important points along the former wall and neighborhoods in East Berlin that helped bring this incredible history alive. I have a whole new appreciation for Berlin. You should definitely sign up for Zoey’s tour if you have an interest in Cold War history and the Berlin Wall. Thanks Zoey! *Grant from the USA, May 2018 What an enjoyable and interesting day we had with such a fine guide. Zoey was very easy going, with superior English and a knowledgeable friendly and very informative tour about the GDR. From her own families experience to the significant events in the GDRs inception to it fall she covered it while taking us to a number of the places where the history was made. I also appreciated that though we went to the now known all to well and kitsch Check point charlie we spent more time at other places not on the typical Berlin tour. This was a very good day with a small group with plenty of time to ask and get all our questions answered. *Dean from the USA, May 2018 A must do when visiting Berlin! Zoey is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic its amazing. We learnt so much and visited so many places we wouldn’t have seen without her. The walk was really good and we truly felt like we were walked through a timeline of events along the wall. The tour also gives a great insight into Berlin as a city not just the wall. Thank you Zoey 🙂 *Sophie-Ann from the UK, May 2018 Zoey’s tour is a standout and a ‚must-do‘ if you want to really understand the history behind the wall and how life was in the GDR. I had quite a lot of knowledge prior but learned an amazing amount that put it all in context. Zoey has a fabulous bubbly personality and a passionate interest in the fascinating history of Berlin. Highly recommended. *Amanda from Australia, March 2018

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Berlin via Zoey
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Berlin via Zoey
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Berlin via Zoey
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